What are Plant Spirit  medicines?

Ayahusca, Iboga, San Pedro or magic truffles are all gifts from mother nature. These all help us to awaken our whole potential.

It is possible to book a ceremony with San Pedro (Huachuma), Iboga or Magic truffles (shrooms). The sessions are in the yurt or outside in nature in the summertime and close to the bonfire. The session with truffles takes around 5 hours. Huachuma journey is are very long. 12 sometimes 14 hours.


Plant medicines’ benefits

The Iboga it’s known for his properties of work with all kind of addictions. For one session with Iboga, you must take 3 days off and it works very deep. You can not do other medicines 6 weeks before or after. For these medicines, no special diet or fasting is required. only not eating 6 hours in advance.


What should I bring?

Wear comfortable and easy clothes and make some free time for integration after the session.

If you are interested contact me for prices and possibilities.
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