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What is Tantra?

Take off the armors in your body caused by shame or guilty feelings about sexuality. Tantra body de-armoring and relaxing massages.

Body De-Armoring uses the most powerful and healing energy we have, our sexual energy. Everything in life is made of sexual energy, which creates and regenerates life. This kind of massage is based on acupressure. We have many specific pressure points on the body (which are almost exactly the same as acupuncture points. That can stimulate our whole energy system. I use the fingertips and sometimes the elbows, to stimulate these points. In this way, energetic blockages and places where the flowing of life energy can be hindered, on a mental, physical or sexual level, can be released.

Tantra benefits

Body Armor is a result of painful, body Dearmoringrestrictive or intimidating experiences, where we contract on a physical and cellular level as well as in our psyche. As these contractions cumulate, they start to form bands of armor inside the tissue of the body.Within these bands of armor, we hold patterns of fear, withdrawal, and avoidance, most often leading to a sensation of inadequacy and unnaturalness.

Armor restricts the free flow of our life force, it impacts our health, vitality, and sexuality, creates stress and blocks our access to our higher self and our evolution. Evolution is based on expansion; armor keeps us in a constant state of contraction.


What should I bring?

Wear comfortable and easy clothes and make some free time for integration after the session.

Tantra massage:  €120 (2-2,5 hours)
Relaxing massage: €60 (1 hour)
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