Woman  medicine
Body Awakening, Heart Opening, Soulful Living

Womb Heart Spirit
Transforming and Empowering

Driven like minded women will come together in a 4 retreat for connection, exploration and transformation

This retreat will leave you deliciously alive and empowered to the bone.

Are you ready to shed layers of guilt, shame and self-doubt?

Are you ready to be the leading lady in your own life?

Are you ready to blossom into your feminine potential

Are you ready to discover who you are?

Are you ready to deeply indulge yourself in self-care?

Are you ready to connect into deep loving Sisterhood?

Are you ready for positive change in your life?

Dance, Sing, Laugh, Meditate, Nature, Learn, Inspire and be Inspired. This retreat is especially for you!

Womb Heart Spirit retreats are powerful and practical.

A 4 day immersion that awakens your authentic feminine power.

A gift to build on on the magical and abundant soil of Portugal!

We will stay on  beautiful locations in where the natural energy is high and thriving on walking distance of the beach and other beautiful sites.


Retreat benefits

Surrounded by sisterhood and like-minded people, other than your daily environment,  creating space to make deep contacts with your essence. Who you really are!
Through rituals, ceremonies, dance, visits of sacred places etc.  Coming close to what  wants to be seen and embraced. Thing who we are not conscientious of being suppressing them
After a retreat you feel reborn and ready to live your life differently so that you can get the most out of it and feeling supported.


What should I bring?

A list of what you need will follow after signing up.

4 day retreat:  €497 (indication)
Relaxing massage: €60 (1 hour)
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